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Medical Therapy — How Is It Used to Treat Arthritis?

Posted on 14 September 2010

There are many components to a treatment program for arthritis. Some of them include self-help, exercise, joint protection and a positive attitude. Another common treatment is medical therapy. When is this appropriate? What is most often prescribed? What is the function of that specific medicine? There are many different kinds of medicine used. They are […]

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The Prednisone Paradox: Are Corticosteroids Worth the Risk?

Posted on 30 June 2010

Cortisone—corticosteroids, glucocorticoids, Prednisone, etc—is used to treat over a hundred diseases, including—of course—rheumatoid arthritis. Prednisone and its cousins can cause dramatic improvement for those suffering from unmanageable flares and in some short-term cases, may be the only appropriate drug for treatment. Still, as anyone who has taken steroids can attest, this type of relief often […]

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It’s the Economy, Stupid–Affording Arthritis

Posted on 18 June 2010

Let’s face it: rheumatoid arthritis is an expensive hobby. Quarterly or even monthly visits to the rheumatologist, multiple prescriptions, physical therapy…who can afford it? Well, if you have to, you can…

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Why You Should Be Seeing A Rheumatologist

Posted on 18 February 2010

Your primary care provider (PCP) may be a terrific doctor, but is he/she the right person to be treating your arthritis? Many arthritic diseases (and certainly rheumatoid arthritis) are systemic, difficult to manage and sometimes even life threatening. Here’s why you deserve to be seen by a rheumatologist. Is your doctor a board certified rheumatologist? […]

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